Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arizona: Unemployed Homeless Veterans find jobs, homes

The numbers of our Veterans who are homeless and unemployed (in all our coalition countries) is truly beyond outrageous.  Now comes news of a programme that is actually doing something positive to address this injustice.

From FOX News:

Arizona parks program helps homeless veterans become rangers

Working as an Arizona State Park Ranger isn't just a job for Army veteran Carlos Garcia, it's a second chance.

Under a program the state launched in partnership with a host of public and private agencies to put homeless veterans to work, he is earning $12 an hour and living in a FEMA trailer. He is taking part in the Arizona Action Plan to End Homelessness Among Veterans, and he said it has changed his life.
“I was homeless,” Garcia said. “I was out of work for about two years and I had gotten into a little bit of trouble so this program boosted me, my morale -- it's just helped me out a lot. I'm glad to be working again.”...

Go here and read the rest of this - and watch the video interview with Carlos Garcia.

This is a good start, but we need more creative programmes like this.

[H/T Kevin]

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