Friday, February 21, 2014

DHS: Flying? Go shoeless - still

Remember Richard Reid, the man whose actions have seen us all have to remove our shoes before we board a plane?

Today, via Homeland Security News Wire comes this:

DHS warns airlines of renewed shoe-bomb risk

21 February 2014

DHS has alerted airlines flying to the United States to the possibility that terrorists might try to bring explosives on board in their shoes. The airlines were told that there were no specific plots, and that the information was based on information collected in the United States and abroad that bomb makers affiliated with terrorist groups were working on a shoe-bomb design. Hiding explosives in shoes is not new. In December 2001, passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami prevented a U.K. citizen, Richard Reid, from detonating explosives hidden in his sneakers.

An airline industry source said the DHS warning listed 25 to 30 cities overseas, all with nonstop flights to the United States. Johannesburg, Paris, London, and Cairo, as well as some cities in the Middle East, were on the list.

The alerts advised carriers that there would be increased scrutiny of people who appear on the TSA’s “selectee list,” which includes people deemed suspicious who could require additional screening, as well as randomly picked passengers....

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