Friday, February 20, 2009

Amazing Grace...a treat!

My friend Terri (the soft and gentle sent me a video today that knocked my socks off. Unfortunately, embed is disabled on YouTube for ANY of this group's videos, sooooooooooooo... I am going to give just the link. GO, and watch this...As Terri says:

These gentlemen have awesome voices and then some...turn up your speakers and when it reaches the 3 min mark hold on to your seat!

[Addendum: My friend Don (Mr. Google!.lol) sent me a link to the story of the origins of this beautiful song. It IS a must read. Honestly! Go here and learn. If, like me, you never heard this story, you will LOVE it. Promise!]

Thanks, Terri AND Don. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow. Gave me chills first and then the tears began to fall. This just has to be the best version of "Amazing Grace" that I have ever seen and heard. The setting...the bagpipes...those voices...the hymn's message...perfect. Just perfect.

I am hitting the tip jar in appreciation. :)


Windy said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!! Goosebumps, chills....beautiful. Thank you Brat, this made my Sunday ♥