Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Madness!

As part of the Brat full service blog, I cruise the internet for interesting snippets, so you don't have to! Today, I come across a gem that almost defies belief. Really. Over at Yankeemom's I found a piece that has me shaking my head at how YOUR American tax dollars are being spent. Read on:

Heaven Help Us ~

Rantville Reborn (Via Instapundit):

look dumber

Excerpt From State Department Daily Press Briefing

Robert Wood/Acting Spokesman

January 29, 2009

QUESTION: About a month or two ago, there was an IG report that warned that Blackwater was likely going to lose its license to operate in Iraq. That has now happened. Considering that you guys have been aware of this impending decision for some time, I presume that contingency plans have been made. What are those? What are you going to do to protect your people?

MR. WOOD: Well, let me just say, first off, you know, contingency plans are obviously being looked at, but I think it was on January 23rd when the Ministry of Interior informed the Embassy in Baghdad that Blackwater’s applications for an operating license was not going to be approved. And so we’re going to encourage, of course, contractors working for us to comply with Iraqi law. We’re right now looking at the implications of this decision by the Iraqis for us. But let me just make clear that we will do everything necessary to make sure that our personnel have the security that they need.

QUESTION: Well, what do you mean you’re looking at the implications? Isn’t the implication that they can’t work there anymore and that you’re going to lose your main contractor?

MR. WOOD: Well, again, we’re looking at, you know, the decision and we’re going to study and see what the implications will be, and then we’ll go forward....

What is over there boggles my mind. Go read the rest here. Then tell me about the *warm and fuzzies* you get reading it. Oh, never mind. Heaven help us, indeed!

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