Friday, February 13, 2009

Cautionary tale to the BCTF

Out of Tanzania comes this:

Shock as Tanzania teachers caned


The Tanzania Teachers' Union is taking legal action after 19 primary school teachers were given the cane.

The teachers were caned by a police officer in front of their pupils after an investigation into poor exam results at three schools.

The report blamed teachers for being late or not showing up for work and not teaching the official syllabus.

The deputy education minister has said those responsible for the caning "should have their heads examined".

The union is planning a large demonstration next week in protest at the incident.

We want the DC to leave, he is not fit for his job
Dauda Bilikesi, Kagera Teachers' Union

The case comes at a time when parents and human rights groups in Tanzania have been calling for a ban on flogging of schoolchildren throughout the country.

The union says it will sue District Commissioner (DC) Albert Mnali, who ordered the caning in the northern region of Kagera.

"The caning of our teachers is shameful. It's intolerable and it's time the teachers take action against Mr Mnali through the judiciary," Kagera teachers' union chairman Dauda Bilikesi told the BBC.

"We have informed the police in Bukoba [capital of Kagera region] that we will be marching through the town to demand the government takes disciplinary measures against Mr Mnali. We want him to leave, he is not fit for his job", he said.


Union officials have told the BBC that the caning happened in the wake of an ongoing row between the union and the government....

The rest of this story is at the BBC here. Let's just hope this doesn't give Shirley Bond in BC any *bright* ideas! Some would say, of course, that that would be a first.

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