Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stimulus package a "done deal"??? Not so fast

President BO may have thrown a hissy fit (and is there anything sadder than a grown man throwing a temper tantrum as he did at the Democrat 'retreat' yesterday?), and he may have managed to sweet talk Senator Susan Collins into "going along to get along," but the American public is saying loud and clear "NO stimulus!" Heck, even John McCain is refraining from reaching across the aisle (so far).

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Senate Serving America Pork and Redistributed Beans Today

Stimulus Package

This Pic from the LA Times shows

Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, from left, Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson, and Republican Sens. Arlen Specter and Susan Collins arrive to talk to reporters about a deal being arranged on the economic stimulus bill. The compromise, negotiated behind the scenes, would slice some $110 billion from the bill, which had grown to $930 billion as amended on the Senate floor.

(Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images)

According to this morning's Chicago Tribune, a deal was hammered out Friday that will bring about the passage of this dreadful stimulus package, and Republicans may delay the vote until early next week, “but there was little doubt about the outcome.”

Senators said the legislation, which is a cornerstone of Obama's efforts to revive the economy, would carry a price tag of about $820 billion under the compromise deal, though the final figure was unclear. The bill is expected to cost about the same as the $819 billion approved by the House and far lower than the bill as amended on the Senate floor, which had grown to more than $930 billion.

The dirty so-called “Stimulus” deal is almost done with these turncoat Republican Senators we have to thank:

Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

Three GOP moderates — Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania — quickly declared their support for the compromise. But two other GOP moderates — Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and George Voinovich of Ohio — said they would oppose it.

CBS Poll: Support For Stimulus Falls

According to a new CBS Poll nearly half of America is against the stimulus package because they do not believe it will shorten the recession.

(CBS) Slightly more than half the country approves of President Obama's $800 billion-plus stimulus package, a new CBS News poll finds. But support for the bill has fallen 12 points since January, and nearly half of those surveyed do not believe it will shorten the recession.

Contact your Senators today and tell them you don’t want this pork and redistributed beans package!

The Center for Individual Freedom will send out blast faxes to all of the Senators in your name for a price. Here’s what they say:

Tell them in no uncertain terms that the American people DON'T want them to "tinker" with this evil bill or to try to "fix" it. The American people do not want any "compromises" or "amendments" or ANY AMOUNT OF LIPSTICK PUT ON THIS PIG OF A BILL....

There is more PLUS contact info, here at Faultline USA.

Your mission today? Ring those phones! Remind these bureaucraps that they are YOUR employees, and that YOU - the people - pay their outrageous salaries.

It ain't over til the fat(cat) lady sings. Get 'er done!

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