Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Open and transparent government"

So said now President Obama, over and over again. And still to this day he promises the American people this. Then, from Monkey in the Middle comes THIS story:

Obama's Secret Meetings With Iran During the last campaign season it seems that now President Obama was conducting his own foreign policy. He had representatives meet with high officials of Syria and Iran, promising them what? And giving them what guarantees?
United States President Barack Obama employed representatives and experts to hold secret high-level talks with Iran and Syria months prior to his election as president, organizers of the meetings told Agence France Presse on Monday.

Over the past few months, Obama campaign and election officials, as well as nuclear non-proliferation experts, had several "very, very high-level" contacts with Iranian leaders, according to Jeffrey Boutwell, executive director for the U.S. branch of the Pugwash group, a Nobel Prize-winning international organization of scientists. Former defense secretary William Perry, who served in Obama's election campaign, also participated in some of the meetings, which included discussions on Iran's nuclear program and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Though Boutwell refused to name other participants, he said they were senior figures in the Iranian and US governments.

In his first television interview as president, conducted by the Muslim Al-Arabiya television network, Obama called Iranians "a great people," adding "the U.S. has a stake in the well being of the Muslim world."...

I have to wonder what ELSE has been told to other countries. You really need to read the rest of this, especially the insights on President Obama's possible policy towards Israel. Americans better be paying close attention here, I am thinking. Go here to get the whole story.

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