Monday, April 6, 2009

A Bailout Song

Some things are just so good that I HAVE to share. Came across the following on FB, and it got me singing. Hey, about now, singing is a great idea. (Can singing be taxed? Probably!)

Watch, and sing along...

With their fingers on the pulse of America the Rivoli Revue, of "Press One For English" fame have done it again with "A Bailout Song". Produced and filmed by their Media Manager Matt McKeown of Sound Mind Studios Ron and Kay have spoken out for all those who need a bail out. Make sure to check out the their myspace at and visit their website at where the high quality video is now available along with the other four Rivoli Revue Music videos including the video for "Press One For English" and "Freedom's Not Free". Thanks to all the family and friends who were part of this video and who made it so much fun to make. Especially Matt for all his hard work and talent. Follow the Rivoli Revue on Twitter at

Isn't this the perfect anthem for our times? Let me hear you singing, from sea to shining sea. Happy Monday!

H/T Janet (who I hereby designate as my #3 fan~)

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