Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do you know this woman?

Take a good look at the picture on the left. That is a police sketch of what is apparently the woman in the video on the right. SHE is the woman seen walking away with little Tori Stafford on April 8 in Woodstock, Ontario [OPP release composite sketch of Tori Stafford's abductor (Ontario Provincial Police)] Today, she is the only person who knows what has happened to Tori, where Tori is.

Victoria Stafford's school photo, taken on April 7, the day before she disappeared in Woodstock, Ont. with a woman in a white puffy coat. (Tara McDonald and LifeTouch/Canadian Press)

THIS is the last school picture of Tori, taken just the day before she disappeared on her way home from school. There have been many inexplicable mis-steps in this investigation, and still no trace of this precious child, who seems to have vanished into thin air. No Amber Alert was issued, since - and I paraphrase - Tori was seemingly going along willingly with whoever this woman is. Now, with the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) taking the lead, Tori's disappearance has been called an abduction. Be all that as it may, now is not the time for the "coulda shoulda woulda's"... NOW is the time to find the answers to what has happened. Now is the time to bring Tori home.

The CBC is following the story here.

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