Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Apologize For My Nation

From The Snooper Report:

I Apologize For My Nation

I apologize to the world for the lies of Obama and the Democrat Party and a vast majority of the members of the Republican Party.

I am sorry that Obama promised to repair our nation's reputation and improve our standing in the world's eyes and yet have him turn around and offend France and profane the names of the fallen at Normandy and thereby embarrassing Germany.

I am sorry that the nearly five decades of failed Democrat Party economic policies led to the abuse of non monitored federal statute loopholes that allowed foreign born spies, for lack of a better phrase, to use American bank laws that allowed the potential nuclear proliferation of materials to enable Iran to receive products to further Iran's nuclear program. I apologize that "someone" lied in the NIE report that said Iran had stopped in 2003 and then later on when the damage was done stated that they had made an error.

I am sorry that America, at the dawn of saber rattling of despot nations, will be cutting defense spending as the opposite should be taking place. I am sorry that missile defense systems that have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they work will go by the wayside in order to appease nation-states lusting for war and territory acquisitions.

I am sorry that the unconstitutional actions of the current federal government is using extortion techniques in direct violation of their own installed and enacted RICO Laws and refusing to accept TARP money pay backs in order to become lords and gods of all economies of the world.

I am sorry that the communist black caucus with a member from Sanford and Son tagging along think that Fidel is just like an old friend and our Troops that ensure their every day safety are considered to be merely stupid people with guns and fight like mad orangutans to not count their votes.

I am sorry that Mr Hopenchange has developed into the singularly most divisive individual to ever disgrace this nation as a whole and has the citizens of this nation on the verge of armed conflict to reinstate our Constitutional Republic.

I am sorry that the slum lord of South Chicago has revealed himself to be the exact model the American Leftinistra claimed President George W Bush was.

I am sorry for the Leftinistra that have blown their chance in less than 90 days to reign in a Marxist State of the former United States.

I am sorry for the international embarrassment Barack Hussein Obama has become on a scale never seen before in any nation at any point in time in the recorded world's history....

The Snooper's Report is a site I don't get to half as often as I would like, or should. Snooper always has the straight goods, the FACTS (always well documented and annotated)! The Snooper's Report has the rest of this MUST READ piece. Go here - NOW! - and read the rest.

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Thanx for posting this. I would have missed it otherwise.