Thursday, April 16, 2009

Freedom is not free

I am sure all my readers know that most of us who blog write because we must. For most of us it is a labour of love, that we do for free. Some have advertisements on their sites to generate a small income. Most of us have PayPal (you did notice mine, didn't you? lol)

Other more creative bloggers design and list products for sale in various places online, in the hope that supporters buy the goods and send a couple of dollars their way. One such blogger is Texas Fred. I must admit I only discovered his great site only a short while back, but it has now become one of my regular stops on the internet. Fred tells it exactly like it is, no bs.

The items above are from him; the sentiment, one we all agree with. Part of his email introducing these to me said:

...when I made it I didn't actually consider making a Gift Shop out of it, but it has come to pass, I hope you'll drop in and check it out, and buy something too! It's a great logo and I am trying to pick up the slack in this time of financial difficulty.

There are many products, I think there is something for everyone, man, woman and child, even the little tykes! Might as well get them started on the road to Conservative beliefs while they are young!

The shop is here:
Freedom is not Free...

Take a minute, and check out the link. Support this Texas blogger if you can. Also, check out TexasFred's writings here. Bookmark it!

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