Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Countdown to Tea Party across America

I have chosen til now to NOT write much about the national Tea Party that is happening tomorrow across the United States of America. Many, many others have been writing, sharing information, and I am sure you have been keeping up, and planning YOUR day tomorrow.

A few of those blogs who have been writing on this:

Michelle Malkin here. That post asks: Where will you be for Tax Day tea Party? [ Update: Michelle also has a new post up, giving helpful FACTS - how it all started - for any msm out there. Well worth the read here.]

Wake Up America has been writing on this, too. Go here to check their posts.

Texas Fred has been keeping a close eye on developments here. Be sure and read his latest:

...These Tea Parties are only the start of things. Let’s get out there and prove the libbers and MSM wrong, lets show them what REAL American patriotism looks like. We can save this nation but it’s going to take a lot more than just talk, and Wednesday, April 15, 2009 is the day that We the People stand and let our voices be heard, loud and clear, as we tell ALL of our lawmakers, local, state and federal, we ARE mad as hell, and we’re NOT going to take it any more. ... [here]

Monkey in the Middle also has been monitoring and writing here.

Knee Deep in the Hooah has also given their 2 cents' worth and they can be found here.

Many more have been watching and writing, keeping us all informed. As I am sure you all know by now, I am NOT an American, so no tea party for me. However, Tax Day Tea Party (central clearing house for info...) is live blogging, and I am sure others will be too. Don't expect the msm to report though, except FOX. If there is any msm reporting, I am sure that it will be of the few ignoramuses whose only mission is to disrupt the peaceful gatherings. Stay tuned for "news at 11" as the small pockets of rabble rousers have their ooooooh maybe 5 minutes of infamy.

Tax Day Tea Party central is here. They have everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - you need to know to plan your day tomorrow. There is even a great map. Take the time to go check them out.

Part of what all of these sites, and more, have been watching is the dirty tricks, sleazy tactics that some are trying to foist on the Tea Party participants. Michelle Malkin has an interesting couple of articles up tracking exactly what the opponents of the spirit of these tea Party rallies are up to. One up today: Tracking the Tea Party Crashers here. There are many more articles she, and others, have with descriptions of how desperate some are to derail tomorrow's peaceful rallies by Americans who want to send a message about how fed up they are. On some sites, the comments have been "interesting." Don't believe me? Check out The Snooper Report here. And be sure and read this from Faultline USA:

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Leftist Infiltration - Good!

Time: April 15, 2009 all day
Location: Your Town USA
Website or Map: http://www.taxdayteaparty.com/
Event Type: tax, day, tea, party, protest
Organized By: Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

The left has been in a panic ever since they encountered the Tea Party Movement. Although the leftist controlled MSM has done its best to keep the news of the nation-wide Tax Day Tea Parties from the general public, their efforts have failed miserably. Now that the MSM has finally caved and is actually reporting the locations of the thousands of local Tax Day Tea Parties, the left is up to more tricks.

Have you received an alert like this in your e-mail?

Federally-funded ACORN operators will be at all Tea Parties to get signatures which they will give to Obama stating that the signatures are in support of his policies or to get the names of people who oppose his policies and report dissension.

I would imagine that scare tactics like the one above are just what the left has designed. “Make them afraid – Make Them Very Afraid!” [read the rest of that one here]

"Afraid?" I think more than a few of Obama's accolytes ARE afraid, and yes, ACORN stands to be, as always, a major beneficiary of Obama's largesse with YOUR tax dollars.

And in no coincidence of timing? Today comes a document out of the Department of Homeland Security labelling any Americans expressing dissent as threats, 'extremists'. Timing is all, and on the day before Americans are gathering across their land to exercise their freedom of spech and assembly, it seems many of the participants *could* be labelled as 'rightwing extremists'. Imagine that!

Of course, the bloggers are on it. Monkey in the Middle has a copy of a letter that the American Legion has sent. Did I mention that returning veterans get a special mention in DHS' document as posing a threat to America?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AMERICAN LEGION: An Open Letter to Homeland Security on ‘Rightwing Extremists’

Created in 1919, The American Legion has been on the forefront in the battle of rights for US Veterans and their families. The Legion has been responsible for passage of such notable bills such as: The GI Bill, which sent thousands of veterans returning home from World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam to college, helped millions of veterans buy affordable homes, start businesses, etc...

Needless to say, the American Legion is not, nor has it ever been, a terrorist organization. Until now and the Obama administration's insistence that all groups on the right of their ideology are terror groups.

Dave Rehbein, the National Commander of the Legion disagrees:
Secretary Janet Napolitano
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528

April 13, 2009

Dear Secretary Napolitano,

On behalf of the 2.6 million-member American Legion, I am stating my concern about your April 7 report, "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence and Recruitment."

First, I want to assure you that The American Legion has long shared your concern about white supremacist and anti-government groups. In 1923, when the Ku Klux Klan still yielded unspeakable influence in this country, The American Legion passed Resolution 407. It resolved, in part, "...we consider any individual, group of individuals or organizations, which creates, or fosters racial, religious or class strife among our people, or which takes into their own hands the enforcement of law, determination of guilt, or infliction of punishment, to be un-American, a menace to our liberties, and destructive to our fundamental law..."

The best that I can say about your recent report is that it is incomplete. The report states, without any statistical evidence, "The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks..."

Go read the rest here. Poison Pen also has a few words to say on this latest DHS missive:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dept Homeland Security- Napolitano aka the Raving Lunatic!

Imagine if you will, a cartoon caricature.
A drawing of Janet Napolitano pointing at a group of returning veterans as they debark from a plane during a deployment end. The caption reads "Devils! Heathens! Killers! Terrorists!" and behind her, is a long fence...with scattered illegal aliens, Taliban and AL queda crossing the border....with AK-47's and cache's of drugs and weapons.....

Janet Napolitano's recent "report" singles out military veterans as a SEVERE and potential threat to Homeland Security. The report claims returning veterans could be radicalized by right wing groups to carry out violence and points to Timothy McVeigh as an example.

Is Napolitano AFRAID of Veterans? Remember, as U.S. Attorney, she helped lead the domestic terrorism investigation into the Oklahoma City Bombing. Which is why she has GROSSLY ERRED by lumping Veterans into a singular category of a potential "threat".

Veterans and military personnel are RESPONSIBLE for maintaining the freedoms and securities of our NATION...

Poison Pen
has more here.

And yes, Michelle Malkin, Texas Fred AND Mr Hooah (of Knee Deep in the Hooah!) all have plenty to say about that. There are others, and it is my hope that this latest salvo from the BO White House galvanises more Americans to get out to their local Tea Party rallies tomorrow. Imagine all these "domestic terrorists" in gatherings across the land. A sight for sore eyes I reckon, and LONG overdue, which I will be cheering on from here in Bratville.

And just in case you are under the delusion that nobody outside America is watching - closely, here is a gem I found on Canada Free Press:

Tea Party Poseurs Sent By Left Working To Undermine Big Day

By Judi McLeod

Thursday, April 9, 2009

imageMata Hari would have nothing on today’s far left, whose latest wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing sabotage aims at the heart of America’s growing Tea Party Movement.

Sabotage moonbat moves to undercut America’s 2,000 plus Tea Parties has bypassed sneaky for sinister.

“Just this morning, I received word that a new radical organization calling itself “A New Way Forward” has put together an underhanded sneak attack designed to undercut the popular uprising known as the Tea Party Movement,” Bill Wilson, of Americans for Limited Government (ALG), warned mainstreet Americans yesterday.

“Simply put, their idea is to stage phony rallies throughout the country on April 11--made to look like they are part of the Tea Party movement--while actually opposing Tea Party principles and supporting the complete government takeover of our banking system.”

Memo to mainstream Americans: The far left, masters of hypocrisy and street theatre, will use decoys in “The Way Forward” to pose as YOU in an attempt to undermine and shut down the Tea Party movement.

Just like the Moonbats, they can count on the mainstream media to help them pull off their doublecross. [read the rest here]

Family Security Matters has also been writing on the Tea Party phenomenon rallying across America. Just today, two pieces that tell exactly 'why' tomorrow will be writ large in the history of the US.. First up:



A kind of energy our politics hasn't seen lately.

AROUND America, taxpayers have had enough. Fed up with excessive spending, planned tax increases and a federal government that first caused the financial bubble through misregulation, and then grabbed power in order to "fix" it, they're hitting the streets to protest.

The first march came in Seattle, where a couple of mom-bloggers organized a rally on Feb. 16. Rallies followed in Denver and Mesa, Ariz., on the 17th. Then CNBC talker Rick Santelli delivered his "rant heard 'round the world," calling for a "tea party" protest in Chicago on July 4. The name stuck, and further Tea Parties began popping up around the nation.

Some -- like those in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Orlando and Fullerton, Calif. -- drew thousands; others, more modest, saw hundreds. But new rallies popped up every week.

Then organizers -- really, just people discussing things on Twitter, blogs and chatboards -- decided that Tax Day, April 15, would be the perfect day for a coordinated national day of protest. Online lists of protests (such as taxdayteaparty.com) predict 300 to 500 marches on Wednesday all across the country. [read the rest of that one here.]

That article is from the New York Post. FSM always has its finger on the pulse of America, and today Mark Taylor says:

Exclusive: I'm TEA'd!

Mark Taylor

Millions of people are TEA'd off at Washington's profligate spending, borrowing and taxing and have said, "Enough is enough!" Are you one of them?

April 14, 2009

Exclusive: I’m TEA’d!

I’m TEA’d. On April 15, 2009, TEA’d off taxpayers from around the nation will be gathering in their cities and towns to let their feckless representatives in Washington know we are Taxed Enough Already. The time has come to stop the spending, borrowing and taxing…NOW.
I will be in Monticello, Arkansas, with a steadily growing number of people from all over the economic spectrum – doctors, lawyers, truckers and housewives – sick and tired of the way our tax money is being wasted.
Every morning, as I listen to the news, I am slapped in the face by Barack Hussein Obama and his minions telling me I must pay more. I must continue to feed, clothe, medicate and house millions of people I don’t know and, quite frankly, don’t care about. I have my own family to support. The system has become corrupted beyond recognition with recipients making a living off of collecting government freebies paid for with my tax dollars. While I, as a working middle class American struggling to support my family in a tight economy, must budget my funds in order to pay my mortgage, the message from Washington has been we must use our tax money to pay off mortgages for people who bought homes they could not afford – homes they had no business purchasing in the first place – in part because the many of the purchasers were here illegally. ..[go NOW and read the rest of this here.]

Mark Taylor speaks for many Americans I know; Americans who are TEA'd off enough to become a part of history tomorrow, even if that means being labelled 'extremist'. Extreme times call for extreme measures.

How TEA'd off are you? Speak up tomorrow, America! Take YOUR country back.


BFree said...

Dont forget! The PIG BOOK is out today! With names, faces, and leaders who support the HUGE pork spending and what each is for! Tea'd off doesnt describe the rumbling of our Nations people! And it isnt just coming from the RIGHT...there are "lefties" out there joining in the demand for transparency and "SPLAIN THIS" Mr O mantras.
It is getting ugly, and America is WAKING UP!

Anonymous said...

Well, this 63 year old gray haired right wing extremist is going to attend a tea party tomorrow along with another lady of the same description. The media can go on tv and ridicule the movement, but they have no idea what anger and resolve there is out there.


Dean said...

Thanks brat!

Just a few words of caution.

Be prepared for the sneaky creeps on the left who will try to get you to sign a petition(s) or will be posing as newscasters.

Don't sign anything unless you know exactly what it is you are signing.

If you're in a group stay with them.
Don't get into confrontations with any agitator or provocateur. You're not there to argue with idiots, you're there to deliver a message to CONgress not the left.

Most of all enjoy your time in the company of fellow patriots.

Ever vigilant.