Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Win a quilt for your soldier or yourself

One of the joys of having my own site (yes, Terri, you DID say I needed my own space!) is that I can promote friends' causes. Today's post is just such a deal. Sharlene is an incredibly talented mom (seeeee? I can spell American!) who has made the beautiful quilt pictured above and is selling tickets to win this glorious work.. Her daughter Morgan's class is planning an exciting year end school trip, and this her mom's way to raise funds. That's the very proud kids in the second picture. Here's what Sharlene had to say:

I have made and donated a quilt to Morgan’s class this year. They are raising money for a field trip to be taken at the end of the school year.

I’ve attached a picture of the quilt-details are as follows-
It measures 90”x 90”
It’s a Log Cabin-Star quilt
It contains over 3000 pieces of fabric
It is machine quilted with a wandering pattern

The tickets are selling for
6 for 5$
1 for 1$

The drawing will be the 24th of April and the child that sells the most tickets will receive a prize for their efforts.

If you can help-even with just the purchase of one ticket-it would mean a lot to these kids. If you pay with check-please make it to the Norwood Public School-1st Grade Class. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you dearly for all of your support for her class.

P O Box 582
Nucla CO 81424

And a later posting (March 17th) on the SA forum:

As of this morning-we've raised 415$ The goal is 1500$ so we have a ways to go-but I have faith in this great group of kids and a SUPER teacher!

Did I mention Sharlene is a Soldiers' Angel too? She sure is. I happen to know that many, MANY soldiers overseas have been the happy recipients of Sharlene's special home baked goodies, AND precious pictures made by Morgan and her little brother.

I have sent my Bratville money to get my tickets. If you want to get in on this one, mail off to the PO Box above.

Thank you.

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