Sunday, May 15, 2011

Every Day Hero WELCOME HOME!

SSG his recent promotion.

This homecoming is going to be especially sweet for SSG Butch, as he arrives home to meet his baby girl. Butch is also coming to their brand new home that he hasn't even lived in yet.

Butch's wife, and brand new baby Annabelle, who was born while dad was serving the USA in the sandbox.
Brittany was amazing as Annabelle was born May 4th, weighing in at 5lbs. 8 oz..

Annabelle, who I am sure is going to be the apple of her daddy's eye. Just guessing, of course!

This video, sent to me by Donna (Butch's mom) is from Annabelle for her daddy..

I introduced then-Sgt Butch to my readers back in October 2008. Yes, he was my Every Day Hero back then, too, just as he is today. (In that post, I did a pom pom routine that I had created specially for him. I was younger then!!!~) If you missed that first post, you can go here.

It has been my privilege to follow Butch's progress, and come to know his mom, and stand with her throughout Butch's deployments. We always hear of our troops: Where do we find such Americans? Knowing Donna (and many other military families) as I now do, I don't need to ask that question. I KNOW the answer: their families raise them with the values of patriotism, service, commitment, compassion.

No matter what happens in the political arena, I maintain my optimism for America, as long as fine young people such as SSG Butch step up and volunteer to leave their families for far off lands to serve those values which ARE America.

Families: Yes, the families also serve, and I am grateful to Butch's family, especially his young wife, and his brand new baby girl.

Thank you ALL for your service.




Laughing Wolf said...

Welcome Home! May your time be rich with joy and happiness.

yankeemom said...

Welcome Home and Thank You!!
Congrats on the newest member of your family! Too, too cute for words. Well done!
Stay Safe ~ and know how appreciated you and your family are for serving.

Diane Fairben said...



Northstar96sc said...

Welcome Home! Thank you for your service to our Country and the world as we know it. Enjoy your family and your new home! Please remember you are supported, appreciated and loved here in SC.
God Bless you and yours-

Unknown said...

Sgt. Butch (Daddy)
Welcome home, congratulations on your promotion. Please know that there is not one day that goes by that you and all our service men and women are thought of. You have our undying support, love and respect. Enjoy your R&R and start creating those special moments...God Bless You and Thank You for your service to our country...You are a hero...

bis (Carol Steward) said...

Welcome Home Butch!! Thank you so much for your service and sacrifices. I know you deserve more but here is a big (((HUG))) for you. Enjoy your beautiful baby and wife. Relax and take it easy now. We love you!!
Carol Steward
Helena, AR

The Hero Maker said...

I would like to take this moment sir to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to your country and its people. Enjoy the new addition to your family! God Bless you all and I will pray for your continued good health and safety! God Speed! Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your daughter. The best welcome home present a man can get! Enjoy your R&R.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Welcome Home & a huge thank you! Enjoy your time home with the family. Hope you get some sleep. :-)

ROS said...

Welcome HOME, SSG Papa!! You are so very much appreciated and loved. Many wishes for joyous and fulfilling days ahead. And such a lucky daddy to have a Princess born on May the 4th Be With You day. :-)

Welcome home.

Kriste Gerhard said...

Welcome Home, Butch!

May you enjoy many moment love and warmth with your family, you've more than earned it.

My utmost thanks to you and Brittany for your Service and your Sacrifices. Please know that they mean the world to me and I never, ever take them for granted.

MsMarti said...

Congrats on your promotion to SSG and the new addition to your family!


Thanks for all you do! Glad you are home safe and sound!

Cass said...

COngratulations on the new baby, and on coming home! This is going to be an extra special homecoming for you and I hope you embrace it as one of the best memories in your life!

@Thankasoldier said...

Welcome Home Soldier and Thank You for your service.

Congrats on the new edition to your family.

K-Dubyah said...

Such a sweet sound...Welcome Home!!

Even better knowing that you both were blessed with a girl child, adding my "Congratulations" to all those before me.

To you, your brothers and sisters in arms...Thank YOU all!!
To your and their families...Bless YOU, and Thank Y'all so very much!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Butch! Thank you for all you did in your service to our country. ENJOY your beautiful family. cjbsrn

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, once again, Brat!

Welcome home, SSG Butch! Warm your toes, share your smile, be mean, stay safe. Lotsa love 'n angel hugs!


catinflorida said...

Welcome home SSG Butch & congrats to you and Brittany on your new little angel.

This mother of two thanks you from the bottom of my heart for making this world a safer one for ALL our children. Your families sacrifice NEVER goes unnoticed and we pray for your continued success and safety.

Warm hugs to you both from a grateful family in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Butch! Glad you made it safely. Thank you for protecting our freedoms. What a joyous time it will be with your new precious daughter.

from a Soldiers' Angel

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Congratulations on the arrival of your precious daughter and your new home to make many, many happy family memories! Enjoy your well deserved rest and relaxation!! With much thanks from a Northern neighbour.

~ Katherine :)

Anonymous said...

as i type this one handed because im stopping annabelles hiccups i thank you for writing about my husbands journey. i feel truly blessed to be with such an amazing man and amazing solider and part of an amazing life. thank you to all that support our troops and to you mrs.brat for writing these blogs :)
one proud army wife:)

Maggie Goff said...

Welcome Home!! What an absolutely beautiful family you make, and what a gift to our country you all are. Thank you for all that you do!!

MaryMargaret (Maggie) Goff

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!! thank you so much for your service and thank you for the sacrifices you must make for it.
Carrie Costantini

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home and Thank you and your family. God Bless you!


CyberPastor said...

Thank you so much for your service to our country. Welcome Home, even if it is just for a short time, and enjoy that little bundle who is certainly a Miracle from God!

Bless you and stay safe!

Pastor Ed Boston
Aka: Cyberpastor

Debra LeCompte said...

You know if Aunty Brat says you are a special Soldier... you must indeed be a special Solider. It is always difficult for me to put into words how I feel about Soldiers and their families. When I try to open a ketchup package, and it is difficult for me, the thought never fails to cross my mind, no matter how much I love my country, if it had to depend on me for for some of the most important of the protection needed from it's enemies, we women would all be wearing burqas (spelling ?) We must have young men and women of the caliber and skills which you possess, or our heritage of freedom will disappear.... As the sign on my gate says, "Land of the free, because of the brave."

Since my husband went to war, poetry concerning this great conflict has haunted me until I express it. Your homecoming to your new daughter caused beautiful images in my mind. I wrote words that I hope will comfort and empower your family as you serve. So here is my gift to the new baby:

I Came Home to My Daughter

There she lay, so warm, pink, soft, and sweet.
When first we finally did meet.

I saw so much of her mother there in her eyes,
The stamp of my own features on her countenance threatened to make me cry.

Wonder at the first sight of my darling daughter,
Swept my soul, and I knew my life she would forever alter.

Feelings too tender for the battlefield,
In that moment caused all my vigilance briefly to yield.

Then I realized more clearly than ever before,
I was called to war because of an evil good people everywhere deplore.

My newborn child and all the children of the world,
Need those of us in service, the flag of liberty to unfurl.

In my daughter’s face I saw the hope of our world and our nation,
Waiting for her contributions, which true peace will hasten.

I knew that in a land far away, where long I had stood the wall,
Children were seeing first hand our intent in the service of us all.

As they watch, I know they too will learn,
Their own hearts for peace and liberty will come to yearn.

In this the power of the enemy will disappear,
The truth of all our brotherhood will finally do away with all fear.

So though my heart longs to stay,
I will again return to the war zone in just a few short days.

In my mind, images of her gentle beauty,
Will give me strength and bring complete commitment to my sacred duty.

Mark R. Taylor said...

Welcome home and thank you for your service
Mark, Renee and Lee Taylor