Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Israel/Arab Peace? Other Points of View

President Obama lectures on what Israel should do to ensure peace in the Middle East. Compare and contrast his bombastic oratory with this video; the end of a speech that President George W Bush gave the Israeli Parliament on the 60th Anniversary of the foundation of Israel:

Meanwhile, Israel's neighbours make it clear what their peace agenda should look like..

This story and video is going around:

92-Year-Old Arab Gloats Over 1929 Rape-Massacre, Wants Encore

by Gil Ronen


(source, with story and pictures here)

Glen Beck has responded to BHO's most recent opining on peace in the Middle East. If you missed this recent show of Beck's, take a look at this video:

Others are also continuing to speak out. Ed Koch has an important column: President Obama’s Hostility To Israel Continues. Go, read it all here.

These are very dangerous times we live in. Pay attention.

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