Monday, May 23, 2011

HERO: Chief Warrant Officer Michael Grant Cahill (Ret.),

Today at Ft Hood, Texas, a man we already knew is a hero, was officially recognised.

Chief Warrant Officer Michael Grant Cahill (Ret.), Cameron, Texas

For those who may have forgotten, Mr Cahill was in Ft Hood, Texas November 5, 2009 when a terrorist ran amok and murdered thirteen. Mr Cahill was the only civilian killed, and today his family was on hand to accept an Army Heroism Medal.

There is more of today's proceedings here.

Back in November 2009 I wrote this about CWO (Ret) Cahill:

Chief Warrant Officer Michael Grant Cahill (Ret.), Cameron, Texas

Michael Cahill, 62, had worked for six years at Fort Hood as a physician's assistant, helping soldiers deploying and returning from overseas, after working as a rural doctor and serving in the National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves. He loved his job so much that he drove 60 miles in each direction to get to work each day. Three weeks ago, when Michael Cahill had a heart attack, he didn't want anyone to worry. He called his son from the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and didn't even mention it.

For Michael Cahill, work and family were his life. When he worked as a rural health care provider, he was on call 24 hours a day, his family said. And he would make time for every single person who called -- no matter what hour -- to try and help.

"He did what he always thought was right. He supported his soldiers, he gave them the best care that he could give them," wife Joleen Cahill said.

Cahill, who served in the Army Reserve, previously worked as a registered nurse, Marilyn Attebery told KREM. He later returned to school to pursue a career as a physician's assistant, she said. Cahill was assisting with physicals for soldiers preparing for deployment at the time of the shooting, his sister said.

Family members said they know had he not been killed, he would have been trying to save the lives of others who were shot on Thursday. "He would have been right there, he would have done what he could," daughter Kerry Cahill said.

Kerry Cahill, still wearing her father's plaid shirt that she just couldn't take off yet, became emotional when asked what she would miss most about her father. "What would you miss if your dad died?" she asked before pausing, as if to give time to think of all of the memories anyone might have of their father. "I'll miss that."


You can find my synopses of all the 13 Ft Hood Heroes, here and here.

Always remembered. Always Honoured.

May they ALL Rest in Peace..

[Leila, JD Hunt's sister, also write about this overdue recognition of Michael Cahill's bravery on that terrible day in Ft. Hood. Go here to read.]


Leila said...

I've never "met" a more patriotic, sincere person than you. Thank you for continuing to recognize the heroes who deserve our gratitude. You are amazing. xo Leila

goldengoddess said...

Hi, my name is Susan Wiseman. I think I met Mr. Cahill along life's travels. Is this the same Michael Cahill who served as an Ambassador for a biblical research ministry back in the late seventies and early eighties? He was a unique man, a leader, and sweet man. My husband and I served with him in the same ministry. You and your family have my heartfelt condolences and prayers. God bless this gentleman and his family for all of their years of service for God and country!