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Mothers Who Served

Mothers Who Served, World War II – Present

From the VA:

By Kate Hoit May 6, 2011

In honor of Mother’s Day, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is celebrating the women who have served our country and taken on one of the greatest roles in life: motherhood. In doing so, we reached out to mom Veterans and their family members for photographs and stories. We’ve received photographs and stories that stretch beyond the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan back to World War II. Each mother has a unique story, united by their service. Below are photos and excerpts of stories of mothers who served in World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan. Happy Mother’s Day!

Submitted by Thallassa M. Gunelius, MSgt, USAF (Ret), son
Judith Gunelius (left), enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps in 1958. After a break in service to have four children, she became the first woman in the Minnesota Air National Guard in 1972 and the first enlisted female aeromedevac technician to fly on C-130s. . .I’m grateful for my mother and all the other courageous ladies who paved the way for those of us who followed in their footsteps. The example that both of my parents set during their enlistments resulted in all four of their kids carrying on the tradition in the US Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force. Collectively, our family has proudly served this great country for a total of 68 years!

Submitted by Joyce C. Leneave, U.S. Army Veteran, 1989-1993, mother
While serving in the Army at the European Command Center, Patch Barracks, Germany, I became pregnant with my eldest child. I was a single mother and my female Commander was supportive of my decision to stay in the military. On May 26, 1992, my daughter Vanessa was born at Bad Constadtt Hospital. Now she is a freshman at NKU, studying music education. She hopes to be a high school music teacher. I am taking courses that were awarded to me by Military to Medicine. I am proud of my service to my Nation and it is all the more precious to me to know that my daughter shares part of that with me...

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