Monday, May 16, 2011

Israel, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan: What does it all mean for you?

"If it bleeds, it leads."

Every day, new headlines in the msm tell of unrest around the globe. Every night, the msm broadcasts 30 second sound bites of the latest atrocities governments are dealing out to their citizens who are demanding change. Graphic images of blood running in the streets usually headline, but very little context or analysis is offered. To listen to/read the msm, what is glaringly missing is the WHY, or the historical background of current events. We won't even get into how the school system is failing our kids in educating them on world issues.

Fortunately, we have milblogs and online sites who DO provide context, and perspective.

From War on Terror News:


The State of the War & World

It is understandable that not everyone understands the reason we cover the news we do, or how drug violence in Mexico, nationalization of grocery stores in Venezuela, "bank robberies" in Baghdad, and protests in Syria or Cairo can possibly related. Others believe there is a nefarious, secret council that is not only plotting, but implementing a plan to take over the world. How does the average citizen come to conclusions of what is real, what is connected, and what is overreaching the bounds of reasonable conclusion, i.e. nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Let's be frank, but not paranoid, there are individuals which conspire to advance their power. They're often called political parties, and while they will avoid the term conspire, their means are to increase their group and personal power through conspiring together with a common theme and goal. But to think that political opponents are nothing more than puppets to a small group of secret power mongers would ignore the fact that other groups also vie for that same power.

The world is in fact at a key point in history. After decades, centuries even, of oppression, the people of the Middle East are rising up and demanding change. But not every participant in the protests has the same ideals of what government should be. Not every protest is led by people of the same ideals, and not every person holding a sign understands who they are following. It is puzzling how the Administration in Washington is choosing whom to back and who to attempt to ignore.

The Obama Administration encouraged a military coup in Egypt, which overthrew perhaps our most democratic Arab ally. In the aftermath, ties with our most pressing enemy strengthened. Christians have been attacked in the streets and in their churches. The freely elected Parliament was disbanded. And the Egyptian Constitution was set aside.

That came less than 2 years after the administration stood mute as Iranian protestors were murdered in the streets. The Iranian People were almost able to overthow their tyrannical dictatorship by sheer will to die rather than remain oppressed, and needed only the weight of an Eagle's Feather to be successful in putting down the region's worst dictatorship....

You know there is much more, here.

Pay attention!

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