Monday, May 9, 2011

OBL is DEAD: War on Terror News Perspective

From War on Terror News:


Obama on Osama & Other Such Things


So, Obama is now hailed as the new Alexander by many? Or is it Cesar? By proclaiming the "I" in "ordered" to kill a terrorist that's been killing Americans for 2 decades, he's now decisive? His "poker face" has been tauted as he mucked it up with reporters, knowing that Navy Seals were about to enter a sovereign nation, and face a deadly enemy? Sorry, it should be an easy decision to send in the best to take out the worst.

I watched his victory speech and it felt a little narcissistic to me, that a man 10,000 miles away from the bullets put so much emphasis on how important he was, in the events of the night. He didn't pull a trigger, nor did he face the enemy that did. His life was not on the line, and he's not the hero. But that's not all that's bothered me about this.

Somehow, he came to the conclusion that he should just dump the body in the sea. He justified this as being to honor Islamic burial rites, but those rites don't allow for a body to be dumped at sea. Now, I'm not saying fish food isn't an appropriate place for a mass murderer, but it is necessary to demonstrate to the world that you did get the right guy, and that you actually have a body to prove it. And I'm saying there is no reason to "honor" the burial rites of a mass-murdering terrorist that we've been hunting for 10 years. All it did, was open the door for conspiracy theorists and partisan pundits to claim it was a ruse, that it wasn't OBL at all.

BUT, Obama claimed the Pakistanis were able to verify the body was Osama's before it was hauled off to sea. See, this contradicts Obama's other claim: that the Pakistanis didn't know about the operation. Well, that and the fact he said they provided the outer cordon during the operation. The Seals were on the ground for 40 minutes. They did a helluva job, but I guarantee they didn't invite Pakistani Police Officers to come check out the body, just because the Po-po showed up at the door. No, if Pakistani authorities were providing exterior security and had a chance to verify the body, they were part of the operation.

Would it be imprudent to coordinate with the Pakistanis on an operation within 60 miles of their capital, on their territory, against the man that killed their President's wife? Nope. Some might call it advisable, even with their record...

This IS a must read, as WOTN dissects many of the troubling aspects of the Mouth-In-Chief's many contradictory claims. GO read here.

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