Sunday, February 8, 2009

Carpe Diem

A few years back I wrote a weekly column called Carpe Diem. My thoughts, my insights on this human journey. I have decided that from time to time I am going to post them here. It IS my blog, after Read on:

Life IS a dance!

As I stood on the beach this morning – it hit me. Life really is a dance. We may not always choose the physical music that reaches our ears, but we always choose if we want to dance or sit that one out.

And yes – of course, Garth Brooks The Dance came into my mind as I thought that. Love that song! So, although my thought was not totally unique, I started thinking about all the times when my life has been different kinds of dance. London in the early 70's, (gasp!) when we all danced to a frenetic rhythm. And the music fitted, reflected our times. And the smorgasbord of dance partners fitted my place in the journey, taught me many lessons.

Then the dance of life that was my time at university. Strange, exhilarating times, as new horizons opened. Many fewer dance partners – kinda hard to dance with a text book in your hand! But - the dance of studying. Being engaged in the music of learning, of the mind expanding, exploring new horizons. A dance, a specific beat that lasts an entire lifetime, and then some.

Then the unique dance of motherhood (if you are not too sleep deprived!) But that dance has a very sweet, tender beauty all its own. And yes, what mother has NOT danced with a newborn in her arms, and watched as the baby giggles gleefully at the motion, the rhythm of safety in those arms? The dance of motherhood always, always has a special cadence to it.

To me, dance is the expression of my soul. And I don’t need exterior music to dance the soul dance. My soul song echoes loudly within and I dance. Yes.. I DO a mean imitation of Tina Turner – mini skirt and all (never mind!)

To each time in our lives comes different dance tunes, different rhythms. As on a physical dance floor, so in the dance of life; sometimes we choose to dance with many partners, accept all invitations – learn new steps, engage in the dance. Sometimes we may choose to sit out a specific set of notes, and be a wallflower; watch, reflect on the other dancers passing by. We may find a dance partner who recognizes our soul’s music and dance only with them. All are parts of the life, the soul dance. And we get to choose how we will dance our life.

‘To everything there is a season’. Who said that? Whoever it was, it fits the dance of life. No matter where we are on the page, in the sheet music of life, the music plays on…. And it is always glorious., and perfect for where we are at that particular moment in time. Listen to your own soul music…. And dance.


Windy said...

Brat, I'm dancing...I'm ALWAYS dancing. Life is a Tango and I've got the dress ;)

K-Dubyah said...

Brat dahling,

We are dancing...