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Royal Marines, royally kicking Taliban butt

Mar 26th, 2009 | By Claire | Category: 1-Featured Article

Awesome report out of Afghanistan. These Marines deserve a cheer and a salute, and by gosh England had better treat them right when they come home!

These are Brat’s Chaps, and nobody messes with Brat’s Chaps! :)

Found at RN

Taliban lose 130 in three day battle with Marines
Royal Marines have killed 130 Taliban fighters during a major three-day battle in Afghanistan in which a key enemy stronghold was destroyed, the Ministry of Defence has said.

The Daily Telegraph - by Thomas Harding, Defense Correspondent on March 26, 2009

A force of 700 troops from 42 Commando along with Danish and Afghan troops swooped on the Taliban base of Marjah in a helicopter air assault that took three waves to offload the men.

With Marjah a main base for processing opium and training forces, the enemy put up a fierce fight as the commandos swept through a network of mud brick compounds.

Fighting was at very close quarters with troops using pistols, machine guns and in one instance a £49,000 Javelin rocket to take out the enemy....

I found this at Knee Deep in the Hooah! Go over there now and read the rest. These ARE my guys...they do us all proud, every single day!

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