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Is nothing sacred? HBO to Disrespect Mormons

Freedom of the press is touted all over America, as is freedom of expression. However, along with those freedoms comes a great responsibility, too. Comes a piece via CJ at A Soldiers Perspective that shows that our media is incapable of exercising that responsibility, not to mention common decency:
Off Topic: HBO to Disrespect Mormons
March 10th, 2009 by CJ

As most or all of you know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a "Mormon"). While I have NEVER been happy with their "Big Love" series, I've never made it an issue. They are free to air whatever they think will sell as entertainment. What are they harming?

However, HBO has gone over the line with its decision to air an episode depicting our sacred temple ceremonies. Notice I said sacred and not secret. There is nothing secret about what we do in the temple and every worthy person in the world is capable of taking part themselves.

But the fact is that these ceremonies are very sacred and do NOT belong in the public spotlight. It is a flagrant attack on our religion to disrespect our beliefs in such a way. The network relied on excommunicated members and critics of the church for their research into the subject and never asked for church permission in airing this episode.

Then, HBO has the audacity to "apologize" for their "disrespectful" depiction yet will air the episode regardless. Some apology. Let's face it, these ceremonies are available all over the internet thanks to former members of the church who violated their vows to keep these things sacred. That is not, however, tacit approval to continue the despicable act of further bringing the public into our private, sacred ordinances.

HBO has created some AWESOME series as they relate to the military and our troops. But, if they air this episode I will NEVER again promote one of their projects regardless of the subject matter. Here is the letter I sent to the network a few days ago:...

Go read what CJ has to say here.

Others have weighed in, too. Lonsberry has more than a few choice words for the folks at HBO:


It's payback for Proposition 8.

Tom Hanks, who savaged Mormons for supporting California's vote to ban gay marriage, will hold their most sacred sacraments up to public scorn on national television this weekend.

Never argue with a man who's got his own HBO series.

Because he will play hardball.

And he will prove that nothing is sacred. Or that nothing which is sacred is beyond the reach of his dirty, defiling fingers.

Here's the background.

In November, there was a proposition on the California ballot that sought to overturn that state's court-ordered gay marriages. It was an effort to let the people be heard on a fundamental social question.

There was fervent campaigning on both sides. Liberal and entertainment leaders poured money into the state in support of gay marriage. Religious people did the same in opposition to gay marriage.

Some of those religious people were Mormon.

Most of them were Catholic, a fair number were Evangelicals, and many of them were black or Latino. But some of them were Mormon. And when Proposition 8 passed – when the people of California said they did not want gay marriage – it was the Mormons who were scapegoated.

Mormon churches were picketed, Mormon business people were boycotted, disruptive demonstrations were held outside Mormon temples in Los Angeles, New York and Salt Lake City.

Gay activists and their supporters took their rage out on all things Mormon, in spite of the fact that the largest bloc of voters supporting Proposition 8 were conservative Catholics, and the deciding bloc of voters were Latinos and African-Americans – who came out in record numbers to support Barack Obama.

But the Mormons got targeted.

Including by Tom Hanks.

He said that Mormon efforts were “un-American” and he chastised the religion and its members.

Which might have been the end of it, except for his TV show and maybe a little bit of history. That history being the fact that Tom Hanks' step-mom became a Mormon when he was a boy and that seems to have contributed to friction and eventual break up in the home....

You can find the rest of this one here. This is wrong on any level and I have to wonder what would happen in our "land of the free" if those idiots at HBO decided to do a programme like this about the Muslims. Oh wait - no need to wonder; we all KNOW!

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