Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is nothing sacred?

City, Residents Outraged Over Sept. 11 Monument Being Vandalized

The City of Coral Springs is up in arms over the recent vandalism of one of the most sacred figures in the city: the September 11 monument.

The monument located in front of Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs was recently vandalized with graffiti. Someone etched the words, ‘Kenny was here’ and other sayings on the steel monument.

Library staff initially reported the incident to Coral Springs police. This was the first incident of vandalism to the monument, according to Coral Springs Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Joe McHugh.

“This has never happened before. It is an extremely random and childish act,” said McHugh. “It’s disappointing that someone would deface a piece of history where so many lives where lost and all the city was trying to do was create a place where families can reflect with a moment for remembrance.”

Many city residents and officials share similar sentiments.

“It’s shocking, disgusting and horrific,” said Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook. “I urge anyone who has information on the vandalism to reach out to us so justice can be swiftly served.”

The monument was erected in the city to provide a place for loved ones to grieve and honor those lost in 9-11, according to Brook.

“It’s a way the city honors and pays tribute to the families who suffered as result of the tragedy. We have had a ceremony since the unveiling as a way for the community to come together to help the families heal and let them know that they are in our thoughts and prayers,” said Brook....

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