Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Disappointing" is how Prime Minister Gordon Brown described the disgraceful display of muslim thugs at a parade in Luton to welcome some of our British troops back from a tour of Iraq:

Two held during parade protests

There were angry scenes as the soldiers passed

Two people were arrested during angry scenes as 200 soldiers marched through a Bedfordshire town centre to mark their return from Iraq.

It happened as anti-war protesters held placards saying "Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell" and "Butchers of Basra".

The two, thought to be members of the public watching the parade in Luton, were held for public order offences.

The 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, known as the Poachers, have toured Iraq twice in two years.

Two lines of police officers divided the anti-war protesters from a large number of local residents, some waving Union and St George's flags.

Police intervention

Police dogs and riot vans were also called to keep the two sides apart at the Homecoming Parade, organised by the borough council.

As the soldiers reached Luton Town Hall the small group of protesters shouted "Terrorists" and "Anglian Soldiers Go to Hell".

The protesters then had to be protected by police as supporters of the soldiers turned on them shouting "Scum" and "No surrender to the Taleban".

Prime Minister Gordon Brown described the actions of the protesters as "disappointing".

In a statement, he said: "The whole country is proud of our brave servicemen and women who serve their country with great distinction and courage....(read more at the Beeb here)

There are also write ups here and here.

I have to ask: Only 2 arrested? Outrageous. THIS is exactly why we have the problems we do have with the muslim terrorist element in England. I have written previously about the demonstrations where these thugs call for the beheading of infidels. Demonstrations where the police stand idly by, and no arrests are made.

Well beyond time for the police to say "No more! Enough!" It is long overdue for the authorities in England to stop allowing these kinds of activities. Round them all up. If they have so little respect for our country, and so little regard for our troops especially, arrest them. If they are not native born Brits, get rid of them. Let them go demonstrate in a muslim country if they so dislike what being England stands for.

We don't need them in England. As a couple of comments say in the Evening Standard site:

This is democracy at its best.
Nothing was hurt other than feelings.
Let them try and do this in the countries that they allege they are protecting.

- Peter Glazier, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Just remember this when you are choosing who to shout and protest at:

Soldier are SENT to war
Politicians GO to war

- Stuart, UK

This sort of behavior makes me ashamed that we have done nothing to make this sort of behavior totally unacceptable in our streets. Did my grandfather fight in the trenches in the First World War,and did my Father do 2 tours in the RAF to provide a safe haven for ethnic minorities who as soon as they are on our shores insult our heritage and traditions. I salute the Soldiers who marched through Luton and if Gordon Brown wants to put up Income Tax to support our armed forces I would not object. I'm not British, I'm English, and the Welsh and the Scottish should stand up and be proud of what we have achieved.

- Jim@Sea, Offshore

these people are a disgrace to their country and Islam. The least they can do as British Citizens is support our troops, if they disagree with government policy then direct their protests at the politicians.

- Dave, Madrid (here)

Yes! There's an idea. Maybe if more British folks directed their protests long and loud to the politicians, the PM would get over his disappointment, and DO something productive. Just a thought.

WELCOME HOME, Poachers! Thank YOU for a job well done!!!

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