Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No More Heroes?

From David at Thunder Run comes this:
No More Heroes?

Andy Rooney writing about Captain Chesley Sullenberger says:

We don’t have many heroes these days because there isn’t much opportunity to be a hero, and most people aren’t usually heroic anyway. Being heroic means doing something that risks your life while saving someone else’s.

I’m not sure what planet Mr. Rooney is living on these days, but it can’t be the one upon which I am currently residing because everyday I am introduced to a new American hero. Of course I’m not at all surprised by Mr. Rooney’s inability to find any heroes these days, since today’s heroes are fighting a war he would rather not acknowledge. Every day American men and women, the finest of our country, volunteer to put on the uniform of their country and step forward to shoulder a task that most American’s would rather not exist, by going to war at the behest of their country.

War - as it has been written many times is a horrible thing which leads me to his unusual final comments:...

Go read the rest of David's rebuttal thoughts here. Also some interesting comments on Rooney's piece here.

I am thinking that if Mr Rooney can't find any heroes, he needs to get out more. Mind you, given the industry he is in, I am not too surprised he has trouble finding any heroes. His own bosses (msm) tend to have blinders on when it comes to our military men and women being heroes, every single day. Just sayin'...

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