Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Freedom for Gilad

Gilad Shalit is STILL not free. Recently Mrs Clinton, emissary of Barack Obama, pledged $900m in "aid" to Gaza.

I am on the record as believing that if that money was tied irrevocably to the release of this Israeli soldier, he WOULD be released. It is beyond insane, in my opinion, to pour any more money into Gaza as long as we have proof that Hamas uses donations to further their weaponry stashes, enabling them to continue to attack Israel DAILY. Yes, there is proof of this, even though you may not read that in our msm. It is beyond comprehension that we pour any more money in there as long as Gilad is denied freedom.

Yesterday someone sent me a petition that we can all sign and send to Mrs Clinton. This petition very simply demands that the $900m ONLY be given to Gaza upon release of Gilad.

If the Obama administration really does believe in human rights(oh, know you all know my views on that,) then let them refuse to give one more cent to Gaza until Gilad is home.

The petition is online right here. There is also a very short film featuring Gilad's father. Go NOW, watch the movie, and sign this petition. Please. It will take you less than one minute to sign the petition here.

Let's make our voices heard. Thank you.

H/T Katie

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