Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bratdog asks: Can YOU help? *wooof*

My *almost* infamous Bratdog is my baby. Yes, she is, and as her mum I always worry about the 'what ifs'. The 'what if' I had to find someone else to look after her if I had to be away for any length of time. Lucky for me, that is not an issue because where I go, usually Bratdog goes.

However, for our military deployed far from home, finding someone to care for their furbabies while they are away serving overseas is a BIG issue. If you look at my sidebar over there >>> you will see the logo for Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets. Just as Soldiers' Angels supports the homefront heroes - the families of our military - so the men and women away don't have to worry (too much), so too does GASP care for their furbabies if their in no other option.

Today, I find the latest from GASP:

March 9, 2009 - Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet (GASP) announced today they have finalized a contract to purchase 11 acres for the establishment of the first “Military & Veterans Pet” (MVP) Sanctuary. The property is located in eastern Garland County, Arkansas approximately 9 miles east of downtown Hot Springs and 60 miles west of downtown Little Rock off Hwy 70.

The first MVP Sanctuary will allow GASP to provide a caring, loving, and safe temporary home-like environment where an approved individual foster home is not available to care for the pet/pets to meet the deploying pet owner's time line, further ensure the pet is waiting for their owner's safe return from the deployment, and expand our programs and services to our Arkansas veterans' who need a temporary home for their pet in emergency hardship type situations.

Pet guests will be from Arkansas and surrounding states such as LA, MO, MS, OK, TN, and TX.

As part of the accepted purchase contract, the organization needs to raise $140,000 by March 31st to remove the contingency for obtaining the funds and setting the closing date.

During 2007 and 2008, we received donations earmarked for the project, but without a specific location/property identified; many people would not commit money without seeing where their donations were going. “We are now asking the military community and general public to help us make the sanctuary a reality via monetary donations”, said Linda Spurlin-Dominik, Founder/National CEO of the organization.

To make a donation, visit to make an online donation or mail check/money order payable to:

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet – MVP Sanctuary
167 Candleberry Cir
Hot Springs, AR 71913-2109

Donations to the "MVP Sanctuary" are deductible as allowed under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code (Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet Federal Tax ID: 20-2229425).

Each donor will receive an official “Thank You” and pre-numbered receipt for their tax records.

To learn more about the MVP Sanctuary project visit and for more information about Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet visit

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is an ALL volunteer 501c3 nonprofit public charity organization supporting deploying military service members, veterans, and their beloved pets through programs and services aimed at reuniting the beloved pets with their owners following a deployment in harm’s way or an emergency hardship...

Go check out GASP, and see what YOU can do to help our troops and their furbabies.

Thank you.

*This message has been Bratdog approved. Woooooof!*

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