Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Canada: Continues to fail returning Troops

Memo to Prime Minister Harper and the Military leadership:  Cut the Crap!

Yesterday, the msm was full of Harper doing photo ops as he welcomed the Canadian Troops from the last deployment in Afghanistan.  Pretty speeches were the order of the day.

Meanwhile, comes news that two more families are now struggling with the agony of their Warriors losing their battles on the homefront.

From the CBC:

2 soldiers who served in Afghanistan found dead

It's believed Cpl. Alain Lacasse of Quebec and Master Cpl. Tyson Washburn of Ontario took their own lives

  Mar 18, 2014

Just as the last Canadian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan returned home today, news emerged that two soldiers took their own lives.

Cpl. Alain Lacasse, 44, was found dead in his home Monday afternoon in Valcartier, Que.

Police said that because Lacasse’s death was a suicide, they are not giving out any details about what took place.

Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) also confirmed that another soldier in Ontario, Master Cpl. Tyson Washburn, was found dead over the weekend.

Washburn, who was from The 1st Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment in Pembroke, Ont. died on Saturday, March 15....

There is more, here. 

Back in December, I wrote a column Military 'Sending up the count': How many can we save from suicide?

You can find that here.

Since then, the politicians and the Military leadership continue to mouth the empty rhetoric of how much they 'support the Troops.'   As the numbers of suicides continue to climb, so, too, does the evidence climb that politicians' actions (INaction) tell a very different story.

Mr Harper et al:  Words without action are meaningless.   Your words?  EPIC fail.

To the families of MCpl Washburn and Cpl Lacasse:  I am so sorry that we failed you. Your Service, your Sacrifices,  will always be remembered and honoured.

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