Monday, March 17, 2014

Canada: NO Canada Day Tribute for AFG Veterans

Now that the Canadian mission is declared officially *over* by the politicians, it comes as no surprise that the Military leadership would really rather those Veterans would just sit down and be quiet.  Caught an article out of Ottawa - the seat of Canada's parliament - which details just the latest disrespect of our Veterans' Service.  Read on.

From the Ottawa Citizen:

Military rejected Canada Day Afghan tribute, citing concerns of ‘militarization’

By Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press March 17, 2014
OTTAWA — Military planners have trod delicately on how best to remind the country of the sacrifices of Canadian Forces members in Afghanistan, raising concerns about potential political and public sensitivities, newly released documents show.

That led military brass to ultimately recommend abandoning plans for a noontime ceremony on Parliament Hill this coming Canada Day that would have commemorated the mission.

Inside the Defence Department, preparations are under way for a series of war commemorations aimed at making sure Canadians never forget the 12 years that their military personnel spent in the war-ravaged country, where 158 of them died.

Documents obtained by the Liberal party under the Access to Information Act show that “Operation Distinction” — a campaign mandated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper — is proposing a series of high-profile events in the coming years to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

Along with the 100th anniversary of the First World War and the 75th anniversary of the Second World War, the Afghanistan campaign is high on the priority list of military planners.

However, the documents show military officials expressing concern about offending the sensibilities of the Harper government as well as the general public....

Really???????  There is much more on this one here.  Go read it, and remember as you do, that Canada is spending MILLIONS of dollars honouring and commemorating long past wars fought by our Troops, all the while spending MILLIONS fighting the current Veterans in court, and closing necessary Veterans' Services offcies across the country, as they cut other support services to the bone.

But don't anybody DARE suggest that our government and our Military leadership do not  support and respect our Troops and Veterans...

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