Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Something old, something new, borrowed and blue

By contributor “Alec”: 

 Marriage; hold that thought I’ll return to that later.  I’d like to take you back to the 1st of March 2010, yes Brat,  I had to google that, the date didn't stick in my mind however the unfolding events did… 

Michael Yon began the day by blaming a certain Canadian General for the sad death of a U.S. Serviceman on the Tarnak Bridge, after a suicide bomber detonated the car he was travelling in, now I’m not going to recover the whole sorry story as, in my opinion, it’s much like watching the Towering Inferno movie for the umpteenth time on a wet bank holiday weekend. 

What I will say is this, it was the first time I was compelled to ‘batter a few words out’ on a keyboard in support of a General! I may have been heard to mutter one or two adjectives and expletives in my past when cornered to comment on Senior Officers… 

But I digress. This led me into the strange world of the U.S. Blogging community, the passionate and sometimes misguided families, friends, Klingons and Servicemen, but above all it lead me here to Brat.

 In the days following Tarnak, Mr Yon culled more of his followers, a number of which had got together with a gentleman called C.J. - himself subject to a ‘roasting’ by Mr Yon and some of his misguided but none the less passionate followers, a situation I felt I wasn't qualified to comment on being Johnny foreigner and new to this verbal situation of blue on blue I was witnessing. 

I was invited into the Facebook group supporting CJ where I met Brat amongst many other wonderful people I won’t name, as I've not asked their permission, who convinced me that not all Americans wore Cowboy hats, chewed baccy and said “gosh darn it” before blowing up everything they saw, Canadians really could deliver a punch whilst being nice and, I hope, I managed to convince them that not all Englishmen* spoke like Hugh Grant, drank warm beer, and say “awfully” a little too much whilst mincing our words... 

 The jury is still out on that last one I suspect. 

 I'm truly honoured, spelt correctly in the Queen’s English, to be asked by Brat to contribute to Assoluta Tranquillita, spelt wrong in Alec’s English, as it’s something I've read though rarely commented on for around four years and I feel something like a baby sitter, hoping I don’t drop the poor kid on her head.

 The narcissistic part... 

* I live in England therefore I’m English, ask any person born and living in Scotland or Wales and they will tell you they are Scottish or Welsh not British, so that’s that bit explained. 

 I'm a disabled retired UK Serviceman or Veteran and whilst my disabilities are work related, they are NOT combat related, I've no formal English qualification beyond school leavers certification obtained late in life, so if my grammar and spelling isn't quite up to scratch you know why. 

 I’m the something old doing something new on borrowed time and I swear, a lot; which just about covers the blue, but what of marriage? There are two people designed to be in a marriage but many in a family, I’ll never marry again, but I'm overwhelmed to be invited into your family. 


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Welcome!Looking forward to your posts,Alec!