Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Every Day Heroes: Marines Jeremy Vanhoose and Imi

Every Day Heroes DO walk among us.

 Came across this story via Soldiers Angels Germany:

Talk about not letting life's blows get you down... Marine bomb-dog handler Jeremy Vanhoose lost his lower leg to an IED in August 2011. Last week he became a police officer! He was class president of the 80 cadets in his Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy class, and started his first job at Portland (Tenn.) P.D. last week. His dream is to become a K-9 cop. That would be pretty cool.

His IED detection dog, Imi, had alerted to an IED, but Vanhoose stepped on a secondary. He learned to thrive with a prosthesis, and was able to adopt his dog last year.

"Some people can look at it as a bad experience in life," his wife, Kacy, said in an article. "And others can take it and follow it as 'how can I be better, how can I improve, how can I prove to people that this is not, this isn't the end of my life?' "

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Think you are having a bad day?  Suck it up!!!

Thank YOU for your Service, Sir.

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