Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Justice: Abu Ghaith found GUILTY

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 From CDN:  
Abu Ghaith guilty: May be a life-long guest of the West he despises 
By Jacquie Kubin 

WASHINGTON, March 26, 2014

 Sulaiman abu Ghaith may soon be a life-long guest of the country he despises. On their second day of deliberations, a jury at the United States District Court in Manhattan found Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law guilty on three counts: conspiring to kill Americans; conspiring to provide material support to terrorists; and providing material support to terrorists. The three counts have a possible sentence of life imprisonment.

Ghaith’s defense was that he was only a spokesperson for al Qaeda and his infamous father-in-law and that he did not know about the 9/11 attacks until after they were over. However, testimony during the trial showed that Ghaith was one of the first persons bin Laden called to his Afghanistan cave immediately following the 9/11 attacks.

 Abu Ghaith is the highest-ranking al Qaeda figure to be brought to trial in U.S. courts since 9/11. He was arrested in Turkey, where he had traveled to after living under house-arrest in Iran for the last decade. Abu Ghaith was seeking help from al Qaeda to move to another country; however, America’s CIA, working with Turkey’s MIT, was able to track his movements and arrest him in February, 2013. 

Abu Ghaith, married to bin Laden’s oldest daughter Fatima, was proven to be aware of further air attacks being planned against the U.S. 

 Abu Ghaith, a fiery orator, was videotaped delivering bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s message of hate. He himself thus provided the prosecution’s best testimony against him, even as his defense lawyer argued that no evidence proved that the former Kuwaiti teacher knew of the conspiracies....

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Stay tuned for what will inevitably be years of appeal.

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