Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jodi Rives Meier: Muslims are 'ill-prepared...with struggling academic skills'

Jodi Rives Meier is a Communications instructor at a US college, who recently gained her fifteen minutes of fame by categorising muslims as hard to teach because....well, they are uneducated, or something.  The predictable fatwa and threats of jihad ensued..

No, not really.  What she DID do was smear Military Veterans and moan about how Military Veterans who are students that are - in her words - "often desperate and [...] uninformed folks... Students with poor academic performance are almost universally encouraged to go into the military and, lord knows, their skills do not improve while in the service."  Go read more on her at This Aint Hell

She reminds me of John Kerry, who back in 2006 earned the righteous scorn of our Military and any of us civilians who know the truth about our 'uninformed' men and women who have Served.

 That bit of humour was in response to this:

Then Press Secretary Tony Snow had this to say about Kerry: 

Snow said the quote “fits a pattern” of negative remarks from Kerry about U.S. soldiers and suggested that whether Democratic candidates — particularly those running on their military service backgrounds — agree with their 2004 standard-bearer should be a campaign litmus test…
Snow said a lot of Americans have joined the military since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
“As for the notion that you can say this sort of thing about the troops and say you support them, it’s interesting,” the press secretary said...

(Hot Air)

As part of her 15 minutes of infamy, Ms Meier whines that she  got 'ambushed' by a news reporter,
 where she proudly stood by her derogatory, ignorant comments.

I suppose if I was feeling generous I could say that Ms Meier is the one who is 'ill-prepared' and uneducated'.  However, I am not noted for my generosity.  I will just remind Meier that our men and women who sign up for the Military - and who become Veterans - probably outsmart her any day of the week.  The myth of our Servicemen and women as murderers, rapists, rambos on steroids, etc etc  was debunked long ago.  I will also remind Meier that statistics, you know, FACTS, prove that any classroom issue she has with Veteran students is obviously with HER, the 'teacher'...This Aint Hell has some of those facts here.

On that post, there is a statement from the college, which reads, in part: In spite of this, personal views, however offensive, expressed on personal social media sites are free speech...

That right to "Free speech"is something to be defended, as any of our Military knows.   I am guessing that Meier is also now learning that her right to free speech, also entitles the rest of us on social media to point out how ignorant SHE is. The college is also ignorant, and hypocritical.  We have all seen examples of what happens if anybody DARES to speak the truth - the actual proof, backed by documented facts - about a group that believes in fatwas, and jihads where they threaten to kill all the infidels.  Right.

It is obvious to me that this 'communications teacher' should avail herself of all the research and FACTS out there on the educational credentials of our Veterans, and then remove herself from her paid position as a communications instructor; that is, if she knows what actual rigorous academic research is!   From where I sit, she obviously is unfit to pretend to teach those who never have a 'failure to communicate'....

Our Veterans are some of the most literate, educated, smart (and funny!)  people I am blessed to know, and I am SURE they could teach Meier and her like a thing or two.

Ms Meier should go back to school - as a student -  so she can at the least learn the truth of the old cliche:

Better to be thought stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it.  


Anonymous said...

I saw the article and TV interview video (an ABC affiliate) concerning Jodi Rives Meier (American Legion; Burn Pit), a so called 'part time instructor' of 'Communications' at Butte Community College. Her assertions (not facts) are egregious to say the least. She states that she can't offer the proof that she has because it would violate the privacy of the veteran students that she defames (an attempt at taking the moral high ground). For an instructor in communications she seems to only be able to make faulty logic arguments to support her opinions. Looking on the Internet, I find that she is an 'activist,' just not for her veteran students. I have tried to pass the 'Burn Pit' link to as many folks as I can. I even sent the link to FOX (different pundits). I don't see much of this making any headlines outside of a small group of places like this. PLEASE contact your local FOX and barrage people like Megyn Kelly via e-mail. This woman should not be permitted to get away with slander and libel couched in "my opinion" according to her.

Unknown said...

To me, the most upsetting part of all this is that this lame excuse for "teacher" has not just been voicing these feelings online, but has also been doing it inside her classrooms. Butte College has been informed of this fact time and time again and yet, continues to support and protect this vile person. If this were ANY other employee in another company, they would have been fired for this and even much less. Apparently Butte College doesn't mind her public opinions on and off Butte College property though, as long as they are just about our military service members and a few other minority groups. Makes a student or past student wonder though...perhaps her present and past students should have all their grades reviewed. I'm sure this bigot wasn't fair in her grading of people she holds in such high contempt. Just a thought.