Friday, March 14, 2014

SGT Sean Duran: Remember and Honor

Fallen Heroes


Sgt. Sean Duran was a member of the 36th ID and deployed with Foxtrot Company 949th Infantry Unit in August of 2008. He served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom from November 2008 to August 2009. While in Iraq, Sgt. Duran was a wealth of information and an invaluable support to all who served with him.

While running Combat Logistical Patrols with his platoon he served as communications Sergeant. While on mission, Sgt. Duran earned his nickname 'Preacher' by saying a prayer before the element would return to its home base. Sgt. Duran also played in integral part in training the replacement units and was also selected to train the Iraqi military in use of the ASV tactical vehicle. Sgt. Duran was the recipient of many medals, including the Bronze Star.


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Rest In Peace, Sean.

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