Monday, March 24, 2014

Russia/US: business as usual despite sanctions

Headlines are full of the tit for tat economic sanctions between Russia and the US following Russia's takeover of Crimea. Russia is not attending the upcoming summit in the Hague on 'nuclear terrorism'.

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the background and goals of this summit -  officially based around START -  in light of current events: World leaders gather for Hague nuclear summit

Obama and the EU tell the world that there are 'consequences' for Russia's Military aggression.  

Meanwhile, last week a group of Russians were in San Fransisco.  From Washington Post:
U.S.-Russia nuclear agenda unaffected by rising tensions over Ukraine crisis
Karen DeYoung 
 March 21, 2014

As President Obama announced sanctions against Russia on Monday, a group of Russian officials arrived in San Francisco for a surprise inspection of the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal.

The inspections, part of a process agreed to under the 2010 New START weapons reduction treaty, signaled business as usual in at least one area of bilateral cooperation.


So far, all of those efforts have been off-limits in the dispute over Ukraine that has sent U.S.-Russia relations into a steep, downward spiral, and have proceeded without interruption. 

Administration officials have been quick to emphasize that they would like to keep it that way and have repeatedly said they believe Russia feels the same way.

Russia is key to the nonproliferation agenda, which has been Obama’s signature foreign policy initiative. Asked Friday whether Moscow intends to remain cooperative, national security adviser Susan E. Rice said, “We haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary.”...

Quite apart from the fact that Susan Rice historically proved that she has issues with interpreting 'evidence', (Benghazi, anyone?) this is an interesting article with some good links on different aspects of the START treaty.  

Go read here.

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